Endowments: Frequently Asked Questions
Assets You Can Give: Planned Gifts Make Philanthropy Possible for Everyone
Appreciated Securities: A Tax Advantaged Way to Give
Retirement Plans: Maximize Your Gift and Save Taxes for Your Heirs
Real Property: Make a Big Gift Without Touching Your Bank Account
Life Insurance: A Versatile Way to Leave a Charitable Legacy 
How to Give : Planned Gifts Make Philanthropy Possible for Everyone
Will or Living Trust: A Simple Way to Make a Lasting Gift
Bequest Language: Language for Your Will or Living Trust
Beneficiary Designation: Easy and Flexible
Charitable Lead Trust: Income For SJSU Now, Benefit Your Heirs Later
Charitable IRA Rollover: Save on Taxes and See Your Generosity in Action
Gifts That Pay You Income:
Charitable Gift Annuity: Income for Today, a Gift for Tomorrow
Charitable Remainder Trust: Generate Income and a Charitable Gift with Flexibility