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Planning for Retirement and Beyond When Facing Incapacity

with Lisa Bryant ’98 SS, CEO -Law Offices of Lisa C. Bryant, Inc. 

Topics discussed include estate planning documents everyone needs, asset protection to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits to pay for long term nursing home care, and other programs that are available to seniors.

Economic Outlook 2020 – COVID-19 and the Economy

with Kristina Kuprina, Founder and CEO, Sequoia Wealth Advisors

How will COVID-19 influence the economy for the remainder of 2020? Learn how the various stimulus plans could affect individuals, companies, retirees and beneficiaries, in both the near and long term.

Presented at the 2019 SJSU Heritage Society luncheon.

Transferring Family Values with Family Wealth

with Rod Zeeb, Founder and CEO of The Heritage Institute

According to Rod, 90% of all estate plans ultimately fail. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Learn how your family can prepare and equip the next generation by communicating your stories and values, and mentor children or grandchildren in the skills needed to succeed individually and as a united family.

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