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Legacy Planning Webinar Series Webinar 3:  Multi-Generational Planning: Passing Along Your Values with Your Wealth.

with Rob Zeeb, JD, HDP
CEO and CoFounder of Genacy Group, LLC

This session will explain how you can use philanthropy as a training tool to help future generations develop their core values and learn how to evaluate who and what to give to, how to give most effectively, and how to invest.

Legacy Planning Webinar Series: Webinar 2 The Power of Your Story & Life Lessons on Your Family Legacy.

with Rob Zeeb, JD, HDP
CEO and CoFounder of Genacy Group, LLC

Studies show that nine out of ten families squander their inherited wealth by the end of the third generation. Most families fail to maintain their inherited wealth for three reasons: Lack of communication and trust between generations; failure to prepare the inheritors for their future responsibilities; and lack of a family common vision. This session covers how sharing your story and life lessons helps prepare the inheritors by building resilience in the family, and how your family story can also help create a family shared purpose.

Legacy Planning Webinar Series: Webinar 1 – The Three Elements of Effective Multi-Generational Planning.

with Rob Zeeb, JD, HDP
CEO and CoFounder of Genacy Group, LLC

Multi-generational planning typically involves passing along the financial assets that will be inherited. But what about your values and those of your family?  Learn how to prepare future generations for the inheritances they will receive and keep the family together for many generations to come. Purposeful planning can complement and enhance traditional financial and estate planning.

Top Ten Myths and Most Common Mistakes Planning Your Estate

with Lisa Bryant, CEO of Law Offices of Lisa Bryant, Inc. 

Topics: By creating an estate plan, you can be confident that you are protecting your family. Learn about common myths to avoid when you put an estate plan in place to ensure that your family and financial goals are taken care of and that the people left behind know your wishes.

Introduction to Special Needs Planning

with Ellen Cookman, JD, LL.M; Principal of Cookman Law in Palo Alto. 

Topics: What is a special needs trust? Do I need one for my child? What are the benefits and restrictions? What is the difference between a first-party and third-party special needs trust?When and how should I transfer assets into (i.e. “fund”) the trust?

Planning for Retirement and Beyond When Facing Incapacity

with Lisa Bryant ’98 SS, CEO -Law Offices of Lisa C. Bryant, Inc. 

Topics discussed include estate planning documents everyone needs, asset protection to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits to pay for long term nursing home care, and other programs that are available to seniors.

Economic Outlook 2020 – COVID-19 and the Economy

with Kristina Kuprina, Founder and CEO, Sequoia Wealth Advisors

How will COVID-19 influence the economy for the remainder of 2020? Learn how the various stimulus plans could affect individuals, companies, retirees and beneficiaries, in both the near and long term.

Presented at the 2019 SJSU Heritage Society luncheon.

Transferring Family Values with Family Wealth

with Rod Zeeb, Founder and CEO of The Heritage Institute

According to Rod, 90% of all estate plans ultimately fail. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Learn how your family can prepare and equip the next generation by communicating your stories and values, and mentor children or grandchildren in the skills needed to succeed individually and as a united family.

Charitable Remainder Trusts – What are They and How Do You Establish One?

with Richard Schachtili, Special Counsel for Hopkins & Carley’s Family Wealth & Tax Planning Practice

Do you have appreciated assets that you’d like to liquidate but are concerned about capital gains taxes? Are you interested in creating retirement income? Would you like to receive a charitable tax deduction today for a future gift to SJSU?

A charitable remainder trust just might be your ticket. Charitable remainder trusts provide you with tax advantages and allow you or a loved one to receive income for the rest of your life or term of years. Learn from an estate planning expert with over 28 years of experience about the different types of charitable remainder trusts and how you can fund them.

Charitable Gifts of Real Property

with John M. Wunderling, Partner; Tax, Trust & Estate, Corporate, Ferrari Ottoboni Caputo & Wunderling, LLP and Christina Marie Bedolla, Esq., Attorney, Ferrari Ottoboni Caputo & Wunderling, LLP

Charitable gifts of real property can serve as a vehicle to achieve your philanthropic goals while avoiding capital gain taxes. Find out if a charitable gift of real property is right for you, what are the requirements of a charitable contribution deduction, lifetime planning options, and testamentary planning options.

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